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Time to restore or recoat your cedar cladding? We can help!

Maintaining your cedar cladding is vital to protect the structural integrity and weather-tightness of your home. Staining or oiling the cladding protects the timber from the elements and enhances its natural look and beauty. Precision are your trusted cedar maintenance experts. We are based in Glenfield and work throughout the North Shore and West Auckland. Email us at alex@precisionpaint.co.nz

We will assess your home and determine the best course of action to restore, maintain and protect your cedar.

Washing, prepping & stripping

A quality finish starts with the preparation! We’ll wash your cladding with a specialist product that doesn't harm the cedar and gently removes any dirt, mould, debris and oxidised stain. We can also strip the existing coating if it’s needed to ensure a smooth, even finish. Once your home is washed and prepped, the wood needs to be protected by applying a wood oil or using a timber stain.

The good oil!

Wood oil absorbs into the cedar, replenishing its natural oils and providing anti-fungal properties. It comes in a variety of colour options, with the pigment in the coloured oil acting as a UV barrier while allowing the beautiful grain of the cladding to shine. After the initial one coat of oil, we recommend a top-up coat be applied within 12 months. Thereafter your cladding will likely need a wash and re-oil every two to four years.

Staining your cedar cladding

Timber stains are an effective way of providing a protective barrier to our harsh UV and the outside elements. Cedar is treated with two coats of semi-transparent stain, creating a surface coating while allowing the natural grain to show through. Stains are available in a range of colours and will give your home a fresh, modern look. Your cladding will likely need to be washed and re-stained every two to four years.


No fuss, at a good price

"The full repainting/staining of the outside of my cedar house, carried out with no fuss, at a good price, and personal service and professionalism"

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Signs your cedar cladding needs care

Like all natural products, cedar responds best to regular care, so we recommend treating your cladding at least every two years. Regular washing and coating provides protection from our harsh Auckland weather that oxidises old coatings and damages the fibres of the cedar. Does your cedar:

  • Look dirty, faded, worn or tired?
  • Look dry or cracked?
  • Have uneven, flaking or peeling stain?
  • Have water soaking into the timber rather than beading off?


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Need to re-paint your roof to protect your home, we can help with that too! Email us at alex@precisionpaint.co.nz.


Precision Painting was a breath of fresh air

"I had Alex and his team come and paint a few tiny homes i had built. After issues with a previous painter, Precision Painting was a breath of fresh air. Communication was easy and friendly, very punctual and efficient and they stayed until the job was done without issue (which did include some late nights) his rate matched the other quotes I received but the quality of finish was top notch. Will be using Precision Painting for all future projects." Brandon

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